We Help Doctors Keep up to date On Latest Technologies

We help doctors provide the latest technologies available for them to enhance patient outcomes

Add Molecular, Genetics and IT services

Start receiving new test options very quickly...

We make the process of adding ancillaries to your practice simple. We design programs to fit any size practice in most specialties.

Additional test Options Increases Patient Options in-house

One obvious reason for ancillary services’ profitability is that physicians may bill new CPT codes that are completely within their scope of medicine, while making sure their patient population meet medical necessity.

Workability studies are a necessary first step. We provide practices a first-look at their patient population, considering age and health risk factors, to determine which services would yield the greatest demand.

Custom-Tailored Approach for Ancillary Services
Better Patient Care = Better Retention

One of the often overlooked benefits of ancillary services is allowing providers to spend more time with patients. Many physicians believe that the only way to balance out decreasing reimbursements is to increase patient load.

Easy On-Boarding & Simple Training

A well-structured and formalized onboarding program is proven to benefit  both the doctor's and their team with better outcomes to the patients.





Ancillary services not only offer patients more value per visit and improve convenience and compliance, they also deliver better outcomes to your diverse patient base faster and more affordably.


In the face of a changing landscape, medical practices really just want three things:


  • Improve Patient Care

  • Reduce Cost to Patients

  • Maximizes Revenue


In the new healthcare economy, the ACA has created opportunities for physicians to offer more in-house procedures called ancillary services.


We strive to help you provide better service and live more comfortably by providing your practice with the best turnkey medical ancillary service solutions in the US.

Imagine A World Where Instead Of Diagnosing A Patient's Problem, We're Preventing The Problem Before It Happens.

We partner with healthcare industry professionals that believe that preventive health is the present and future of healthcare in the world.

Leading the Revolution of Healthcare Entrepreneurs

Increase Your Per-Patient Revenue

According to Procare's 2015 Independent Physician Outlook Survey, over half (53%) of independent physicians planned to explore alternative practice models in order to maintain their independence.


of Practices Added an Ancillary Service Last Year


of Revenue Comes from Ancillary Services


Average physician pay increase by implementing ancillary services


“The staff has been very helpful to me even though I know they help many other physicians. It‘s rare I‘ve found someone as knowledgeable, accommodating, and concerned.“

Joseph Fran, MD - December 2016



Simple and Quick onboarding with Our 1-Minute PCP Assessment


Help us learn more about each other by taking our simple evaluation.


One of our partners will be onsite to tailor your services and train your staff.


Your designated partner will guide you through your first campaign!


In-House Revenue Streams

Improve patient compliance, offer convenience, and generate a thriving in-house revenue stream with these ancillary solutions.

Additional Laboratory and Diagnostic Services

Business Growth Services



Our medical advisory board has exclusively selected a premier group of partners with the purpose of offering the best services to our physicians and physician groups.

Ancillary Services - Value-Based Medicine & CPT codes

We offer physicians a range of CPT codes and ancillary services in order to improve cost and generate value based revenues. 


Email hs@preventivehealthpartners.com or give us a call at 1.786.414.9917.


We care about the health of people around the world.


We’ll Show You How this is Just the Average - Some Are Doing Much More!



The Affordable Care Act (ACA) means ancillary Opportunities for you to receive immediate revenue..  We make ACA work for your practice.


Customized For Your Clinic, Easy to implement. Dedicated support from your local Preventive Health Partner.



Doctors Love PHP! Top doctors from all areas of medicine nationwide are raving about your PHP’s ability to connect them with the right ancillary solutions for their practice.

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